Android app on Google Play


This section of the program will allow you to change the overall aspect of the software by choosing among those presented.

Just slide your finger right or left on the bar located at the bottom of the screen to scroll through the various options. There is no need for confirmation. Once you set your desired theme click on the “Back” button on your device and the new setting will be automatically applied.

THEME 1: Minimal

This theme has simple, basic and very readable icons and buttons. The background is black and can not be changed.

SC20140207-085104 SC20140211-120016

THEME 2: Glass

This theme has transparent icons and buttons and allows you to change the background. Just click on the “Change Background” button in order to access all the images stored on your device and choose your favorite. To restore the default wallpaper, simply click on “Restore Original Background”.

SC20140211-125650 SC20140211-125706

THEME 3: Solid

This theme has black, slightly curved buttons and icons. Just like with Theme 2, the background of the theme can be changed at will.

SC20140211-125754 SC20140211-125823


Android app on Google Play

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