Custom Tests

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This section of the program will allow you to create a customized battery of tests, record you athletes’ results and make them available to their graphical representation on page Grafici1EN.


Once you’ve entered this function you’ll access directly to a screen where you can select which protocol to use [1], which team you are interested in testing [2] and which athlete to involve [3].


By clicking [1] you’ll open a drop down menu from which you can select “§ Add Protocol “, you will then be shown a field where you can enter the name of your own battery of tests. Just confirm with Ok1 in order to set the software to accept the new parameters.

IMPORTANT: You will note that by clicking on [1], together with all the protocols you created on this section there will have been automatically included in the list the anthropometric, cohesion and strength protocols which are part of the original software and all other protocols that you’ve created in the “scout” section . This tool, in fact, can also be used to modify, revise or delete any data entered in the respective sections of the program (Anagrafico1ENTestFunzionali1ENCoesione1EN and Prestazioni1EN)

Once you’ve chosen the protocol [1], the team of interest [2] (the program automatically sets this to the selection to the first team of your list) and the athlete involved (also automatically preset to the one at the top of the list), you may access the main screen by clicking on button [7].

This way you’re programming the software to consider the current date, described in [5], as the one with which to store all collected data.


If, before you enter the main screen, you want to set a different date, simply click on the respective buttons [5] and select the desired date (to change the year you can use buttons [6]). If, on the date you’ve set, the team of interest had already recorded some of the results, these will be automatically carried over onto the main screen where you can delete, modify or implement them.


If you do not remember the exact date of a previous session but would like to retrieve its data on order to be able to change it (or simply read it), just click on button [4] and access the list of all sessions in memory for the protocol specified in [1]. After selecting the session of interest the software will automatically set date and team accordingly to your selection and all subsequent changes will be incorporated as belonging to that specific session.


Once you’ve enter the main screen, simply click on any of the buttons [8], enter the desired name in the space provided and confirm it with Ok1. Each protocol can contain up to 12 different types of test. The names you enter will be stored as belonging to protocol [1] and will be available, in the displaied order, for the graphical representation of their results (see Grafici1EN).



There are three different ways of entering the data you collect:

1. DATA THAT DO NOT USE THE STOPWATCH [11]: To manually enter the results of your athletes just click on the button [9] to the right of the test of interest, enter the result in the space provided and confirm it with Ok1. This function is available only if the stopwatch [11] is set to: 00:00:00,000.

2. DATA THAT USES THE STOPWATCH [11]: If you wish to enter data represented by time values, you may find useful the tool specifically designed to dramatically speed up the process of entering the results, the integrated chronometer [11]. By clicking it once you’ll start it, by clicking it a second time you’ll stop it. Both when the stopwatch is running and after it has been stopped, simply click on the button [9] of your interest and automatically record the time described on the stopwatch in the precise moment of your click. Once the chronometer has been stopped, you can either click on button [11] a third time to restart it from where it was or long click on it to reset the count to zero.

3. INDIVIDUAL STOPWATCH: By long pressing any “Result” button you’ll start a chronometer specific for that button. By clicking on it you’ll stop it and by long clicking on it again you’ll continue the counting from where it stopped. If you need to reset the chronometer to zero, click on it (not long click) when it is stopped, delete all numbers on the top field and confirm the “empty space”.

NOTE: The data collected will be stored as part of the indicated protocol [1], the chosen team [2], the athlete involved [3] on the date previously selected [5].


To record the results of a different athlete you can either click on button [3] and select the name of the person you’re interested in testing from the list or swipe your finger right (previous athlete) or left (following athlete) along bar [10].


If you wish to erase some of collected data just enter the exiting menu by pressing the “Back” button on your device, select “§ Remove Data” and click on the content you want to delete.

NOTE: The software is programmed to present a list of all the data collected for the protocol selected in [1]. If no data is available in memory it will not open any list.

The data that can be deleted is described with the team’s name, the name of the athlete and the date on which it has been collected (the protocol will be the one displied in [1] when you opened the exiting menu). By selecting “§ Remove ALL DATA” you’ll remove all of the data related to the protocol in question.

In order to avoid unwanted loss of data, each selection must be confirmed.


To exit this section of the program and return to the main menu, simply select “§ Return to Menu” from the exiting menu list.

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Android app on Google Play


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