NS Coach Tools – VIP edition (ENG)

icona2vipAndroid app on Google Play

Welcome to the page dedicated to NS Coach Tools – VIP edition.

This completely FREE version offers all the features that NS Coach Tools does, always without any ads, without in-app billing, without links to third parties, just like the original version but … it’s not for everyone!

There are only two differences between this version and the original one:

1. To access the main menu (and thus be able to use the app) you will need to have credentials, USER NAME and PASSWORD, sent to you by our staff via email.

2. Users can install it only on ONE single device.

Below is a list of all the modalities currently available to gain access to this incredible limited edition:


ALL of those coaches who have recently won ANY official league may apply for credentials.

Just send an email with the links of the web pages where it is shown that you have won the championship in question and in which your name appears as connected to the winning team to: nscoachtools@gmail.com.


All of those who have downloaded the official NS Coach Tools may apply for login credentials.

Just send an email with your USER NAME, your name, the name of the friend to whom you want to give NS Coach Tools – VIP edition and the email address of the addressee to: nscoachtools@gmail.com.

Android app on Google Play

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