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This part of the software is dedicated to the graphical visualization of the data collected.

All attendance data (see Presenze1EN), anthropometric, psychological, physiological, and of all tests and scouts created by the user can be displayed in graphical form within this session.

NB: In addition to these charts, “scout” (Prestazioni1EN) and “sociodynamic” (Coesione1EN) contain additional graphs specifically designed to better represent data collected in those contexts.

Once you choose the protocol you want to be represented (event bypassed if you were to access this section directly from other screen other than the main menu) you’ll get to a screen which, in order to better meet your possible needs, lets you choose between 3 different kinds of graph:



After choosing the team and the athlete of interest, the software extracts all the results of the first test in the chosen protocol (for one or more athletes ) over time. Therefore, this graph, is particularly useful to have a clear idea of the progress carried out by a player and consequently, the validity and effectiveness of the proposed exercises. By “Flipping” the screen you’ll see the results of all the other tests within the selected protocol while, by touching it, you can add or remove athletes to the graph.

Since the attendance stats are expressed as the single result obtained during the last completed training session, this screen will display just the single dot and, therefore, may not be particularly recommended.



This option has been studied to simultaneously compare the results of all tests present within the chosen protocol. There are several possibilities of sampling (for athlete, by date or all) and each will create a different list. Once inside, by clicking on one of the two active portions of the screen, you’ll change that portion’s subject to the item next on the list, while, by long-clicking it, you’ll be able to change the complete list. It is therefore advisable to choose to create the “Athlete” list if you wnat to easily compare the progress of an athlete through time while you’ll probably want to choose the “Date” list when you wish to compare the results of different members of a team within a specific session. By choosing “All ” you’ll create a list of all the data for all the athletes of the chosen team during all the saved sessions.

With this type of graph you can also compare the results of the members of two different teams.



This option allows you to simultaneously display the results of a test for all the members of the team of your choice. By “Flipping ” the screen you can change the displayed test while, by touching it, you can add a different date. If you decide to add different dates the software will begin to represent briefly the results for each of the chosen dates. Highlighted in light blue are the group’s highest results.

NB: Font size within graphs will change according on where on the screen you’ll slide your finger: by sliding it on the upper section of the screen, fonts will appear small whilst, by sliding it on the lower part of the screen, the writing will be magnified.


To return to the graph selection menu simply click the “Back” button on your device.


By pressing the “Choose Test” button in the graph selection menu you will have access to the list of protocols you saved.


To close the graphs screen and go back to the page that was used when you requested the chart, simply either press the “Back to Menu” button on the graph selection menu or choose the “§ Return to Menu” option in the list of protocols.

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Android app on Google Play


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