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This section will help you keep perfect track of the attendance rate of each of your athletes.


The first thing you’ll be asked for is, of course, to select the team you’re about to coach among the ones you’ve entered in the TEAMS section. Once you’ve done that the program will ask you whether you are about to have a normal TRAINING SESSION or a RETRIEVAL SESSION.

The RETRIEVAL SESSION is ment for those coaches who wish to give their athletes the opportunity to “make up” for the time they lost during normal sessions. It works just like the TRAINING SESSION but the minutes athletes do during this particular kind of training won’t be added to the minutes of attendance but will be subtacted from the minutes they’ve missed (or counted as a sort of “bonus” they may use on future sessions). Furthermore, if you’re doing a RETRIEVAL SESSION you’ll be asked to choose what “rate of conversion” you wish the machine to use. For instance, if you want, you can choose to make it so that each minute done during RETRIEVAL SESSIONS will subtract 1, 2, 3, 4 or up to 5 minutes of missed training sessions. Please note that you can change this “rate of conversion” each time you use this feature and that it will affect ALL the previous RETRIEVAL SESSIONS each athlete’s done.

Once inside, the screen will display:

1. A top line with the kind of session your doing, the team you chose and “not yet started”.
2. The list of all the athletes you’ve entered in the TEAMS section as part of this paticular team
3. The time each of them started the session (momentarily set as 00:00)
4. The time each of them finished the section (also momentarily set as 00:00)
5. A bottom line you can use to navigate in the screen in order to access the REVISE ATTENDANCE REGISTER feature and the ATTENDANCE GRAPHS feature (swipe toward the right) or, if your team has more than 12 members, to see all the other athletes (swipe toward the left).


When you decide that the session is officially started you’ll need to click on the top line [1] and you’ll see the the “not yet startded” line and each of the athlete’s “IN” times will be replaced by the exact time of the session’s beginning and each of the “OUT” times will start display the current hour.

If one of the team’s members arrives late you (or he/she) will have to click on the “IN” button next to his/her name and it will display the precise amount of time he/she has missed and record it. [6]

If one of the team’s members has to leave the session early you (or he/she) will need to click on the “OUT” button next to his/her name and it will start to count the exact amount of time missed by the athlete and recored it once the session’s finished. [7]


If you mistakenly clicked on the wrong button and want to restore it back to the correct time you  just need to “long press” it.

If you need to use your device for any other purposes, you can exit this page by clicking the top line or the “back” button on your phone/tablet and answer “NO” to the question “Is the session finished?” The machine WILL remember all the data you’ve recorded and present it to you when you come back to this page.

Once the session is actually finished just click “YES” to that question and the machine will process all the data and store it for future consultation.

Data of sessions IN PROGRESS will not be available for consultation.


There are three ways to go about reviewing the data recorded during the season:

1 . Long clicking on the name of each athlete will open a screen that will show the exact percentages of presence [8] for the chosen player and a detailed list of each session performed by him/her. [9]

Presenze3 Presenze4

Clicking ATTENDANCE GRAPHS [10] (note that since the amount of data to be processed is usually remarkable it is most likely that the device will need a few seconds before opening the graph’s page) you can choose to :


2 . compare the data of two athletes [11] or


3 . view the graph of the entire team relating to each registered statistic [12] (in order:  minutes to retrieve, retrieved minutes, number of presences, total minutes of presence, presence percentage, number of absences, total minutes of absence, number of late arrivals, total minutes of late arrival, number of early leaves, total minutes of early leave)


The highest values ​​for the entire group are presented in light blue.


If you wish to modify the data on the attendance register, just click on: REVISE ATTENDANCE REGISTER [13] and you will have access to a specific screen useful just for this purpose.


The first question you’re asked will be to choose if you want to change the log data of the normal TRAINING SESSIONS or those of the records for the RETIEVAL SESSIONS. Both work the same way.

The second information request relates to the subject of your action. Choose TEAM’S SESSION if you want to change the data of a workout, choose ATHLETE’S ATTENDANCE insead if you want to change the data of a single player.

In both cases you will be asked what kind of change you want to perform. ADD will allow you to add a full session or the presence during a specific session of an athlete mistakenly recorded as absent, REMOVE will allow you to remove a workout from those recorded or indicate the absence of an athlete mistakenly recorded as being present to a specific session and CHANGE will allow you to edit the data of a previously recorded session or vary the time of arrival and leave of an athlete during a specific workout.

If you had chosen to ADD or CHANGE training session you will get to a screen where you can enter the date [14], the start time [15] and the end time [16] of the session.


If you had chosen to CHANGE the presence of an athlete during a specific session, you will have access to a screen where you can change the start and the end time of training by using both the “slider” [17/18] and the appropriate + and – buttons [19/20].


Once you have modified the data to your liking, simply click on the confirmation button Ok1 and return to the initial menu.


To avoid the risk of inadvertently losing data, we decided to maintain all ATTENDANCE REGISTER data separate from all the other. To be able to save and therefore retrieve it at a later time, for example, when you decide to use a different device, simply click the appropriate option proposed in the main drop-down menu of the screen: “REVISE ATTENDANCE REGISTER.”

By selecting “§ Back to Menu” you’ll exit the editing session and return to the Attendance Register.

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Android app on Google Play

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